Computer Diagnostics

Computer Diagnostics play a significant part in the diagnosis of your engine issues. When the check engine comes on, Diagnostics are often needed to determine what part is malfunctioning. Testing usually indicates many of the internal issues causing the transmission malfunction.

How It Works

When a warning light comes on, the on-board computer system in your vehicle has detected a problem or service need with one or more of the many different systems it monitors and controls, such as the engine or transmission. Therefore, we recommend our Computer Diagnostics service to provide you with an accurate assessment of your vehicle’s condition. Dexol UAE Computer Diagnostics services utilize state-of-the-art equipment, which  connect to your vehicle to view computer trouble codes.

We utilize a process similar to the dealerships and retrieve the information directly from the vehicle pinpoint the system failures or service requirements. Once the data is retrieved and trouble codes identified, we can provide a service or repair recommendation to return your vehicle to its road-ready condition.