Torque converter repair


Torque converter issues are generally misinterpreted as symptoms of a failing transmission.  It is not easy to isolate and diagnose a torque converter issue without taking the transmission/drivetrain apart, but there are many symptoms to look for.  Some of the symptoms of a defective torque converter include: slipping, shuddering, overheating, contaminated fluid, gears change at high RPMs and strange sounds such as clicking or whining.

Getting to the torque converter requires the transmission to be removed.  It is common to get a new replacement converter since torque converters are difficult to open, clean or recondition effectively. However, this is an expensive option.

At Dexol UAE we have invested in an advanced torque converter rebuilding system, allowing us to rebuild torque converters very efficiently. This involves cutting open the housing, stripping it down and replacing faulty parts and clutch linings. We then re-assemble the torque converter and weld the housing together using specially designed precision alignment tools. So, the result is as good as new torque converter at a fraction of the price of a new unit.