Transmission Service

As a vehicle ages, it is normal for the transmission to undergo wear and tear. Over time the fluid becomes thinner and contaminated and can cause premature wear on the transmission. Extreme temperature as well as stop and go traffic also increase the wear on your transmission.  Dexol UAE offers the best service needed to keep your transmission in road-ready condition. Our transmission maintenance services can help provide smoother shifting, improved performance, component failure reduction and increased vehicle longevity.

Common signs of transmission wear include:

  • Loss of power upon acceleration

  • Transmission is unable to go into gear

  • Hard or late shifting of gears

  • Transmission slipping

  • Chatter or grinding noise in the transmission

A complete transmission service includes:
• removing and examining the sump or pan (where possible)
• replacing or cleaning the screen or filter
• cleaning the pan
• reinstalling the pan with a new pan gasket
• pumping out the rest of the old fluid and replacing it with new, high quality Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)
• adding a friction modifier or additive package (model specific)

The net result of changing the fluid is to provide better lubrication and improve the holding power between the clutches as well as reduce slipping and heat. So your transmission works better for years longer, which means you’re less likely to face a major transmission repair.


Do’s & Don'ts of Transmission Maintenance

  • Do scheduled transmission maintenance according to the vehicle owner’s manual.
  • Do have transmission fluid checked when having engine oil changed.
  • Do not drive a vehicle with low or no transmission fluid.
  • Do not spin tires on turns especially with front wheel drive vehicles.
  • Do not drive in 4×4 mode on dry pavement, unless vehicle is all-wheel or automatic 4×4 drive.
  • Do not drive on spare tires or mismatched tire sizes with front wheel or all wheel drive vehicles for extended periods of time.