Quality Transmission repair

We understand that today’s transmission is the most complicated system in your car, made up of hundreds of complex components that enable your vehicle to move. Your transmission system includes transmission fluid, electrical components, hard and soft parts, a valve body and a torque converter.  For proper transmission repair to take place, these components must be dismantled, cleaned and inspected for wear. This process provides you with an accurate assessment of your vehicle’s problem before the transmission repair commences.

With transmission repair services, all worn and/or damaged parts are either repaired or replaced by our experts. After the parts are thoroughly inspected, repaired, or replaced, they are reassembled, adjusted, and tested for proper operation, ensuring that your transmission repair leaves your car road-ready.

Affordable Transmission Repair

Sometimes transmission repair only requires an adjustment that can be made without removing the entire transmission. Taking your vehicle to a professional transmission repair shop like Dexol UAE ensures you are dealing with an expert who will tell you if a major or minor transmission repair is necessary.

Cars We Service

When it comes to transmission repair services, we work on automatic and Dual Clutch transmissions as well as racing vehicles, four-wheel drive, hybrid, diesel, trucks, buses, marine and other recreational vehicles.


You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your transmission job is backed up by a solid warranty in any of our locations or affiliated workshops in the Gulf region.